We were honored to have the Eminent Professor of Medicine

23 December 2018

We were honoured to have the eminent Professor of Medicine, Dr. Peter Dodek, give an invited guest lecture at HAMS conference room. Dr. Dodek is a specialist in Critical Care Medicine, with decades of clinical and research experience in the USA and Canada. He is also one of the pioneer physicians who explored and advanced the science of Quality Improvement in Canada. His talk today was titled “Improvement in Health Care: What’s in it for you?” Dr. Arjun Karki gave the opening remarks and welcomed the guest speaker. The lecture was attended by many physicians from different specialties from both HAMS and other hospitals in Kathmandu, nurses, laboratory staff. The lecture, and the question-answer session following it, were felt to be eye-opening by participants. It was noted by all to be a great introduction into the need for and the science behind Quality Improvement initiatives in health care. Dr Mohan Dubey gave the concluding remarks.