HAMS launches state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

10 September 2019

Birth is a complex process associated with many physical and emotional adjustments in both the mother and baby; a major change is the baby can no longer depend on the mother’s blood supply and placenta for their body functions. This means newborns need their respiratory, cardiac, digestive, renal and immune systems to work independently. In almost 90% of the cases this happens spontaneously without any assistance but unfortunately few neonates require special care in NICU.

What is NICU?
NICUs are hospital units that have advanced technology and trained healthcare professionals to assist sick babies requiring special nursing care. There are many conditions which warrants NICU admission like high risk pregnancy, w.r.t. baby requiring NICU admission like infant of diabetic mother, gestational hypertension, twin pregnancy. Babies born prematurely, or with low birth weight, babies that are small for gestational age, respiratory distress and sepsis all require NICU care. NICU care is provided by neonatologists, pediatricians and neonatal nurse practitioners.

HAMS has provided NICU care since its operation in 1997 and now we have a upgraded to 10 bed multidisciplinary level III NICU since September 2019 which includes 2 isolation beds and 2 step down beds, and includes 3 ventilators, 4 incubators and 3 bubble CPAP. It is supported by medical specialists like neonatologists, pediatric intensivists and 4 pediatricians round the clock and offers a broad range of neonatal surgical services. It has been providing care for extremely low birth weight babies, Hyaline membrane diseases, neonatal jaundice requiring exchange transfusion and sepsis with multi organ dysfunction syndrome for both the inborn babies and also for referred babies.
With a state of the art NICU including state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure, and top level expertise, HAMS aims to become the premier referral unit for the country.